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Did you know that the library is run by an independent charity and has to pay all its own bills?

Why does the library need money now?

We don’t get paid by North Yorkshire Council to run the library and we have to pay out a lot more money every year than we get in

Some of our bills have increased hugely: for example, our electricity bill has more than doubled in the last two years

There are a lot of essential extra bills to pay in order to keep the library open, safe and welcoming for everyone:

  • £7,500 to repair and repaint all the windows
  • £4,000 for a new boiler
  • £1,200 for new blinds in our Jubilee meeting room
  • £2,500 to repair the lift to ensure everyone can access the meeting room and events space
  • £1,500 to upgrade electrical systems
  • £5,000 to replace lighting to save energy and running costs
  • £5,000 to redecorate

Our funding target is £25,000

Please consider making a donation to support us by clicking the button, calling into the library or emailing