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Since 2012 volunteers have worked in the library to keep it open on Wednesday mornings after NYCC reduced its opening hours. They formed an action group called BACLA (Boroughbridge Area Community Library Association) to maintain a full range of library services in the town and Lower Ure Valley.

In late 2016 a group of local volunteers became responsible for the full running of the library after a decision by NYCC that it could no longer afford to do so. The library is now known as Boroughbridge Community Library and Resource Centre and continues to be operated by BACLA (short for Boroughbridge Area Community Library Association, a registered charity the name of which you may continue to see used sometimes in connection with the library). The Library Volunteers are the heart of the team but there is also a small committee of Trustees to handle the administration and organisation of the charity’s operations:  Judith Burton, Helen Chester, Mike Collins (Jubilee Room Manager), Ian Hick (Chair), Diana Holmes (Secretary/Manager of library downstairs), Nic Holmes (Treasurer), and Barbara Horner (Volunteers Rep). We are excited to be announcing two new trustees in Autumn 2020.

The library still operates in partnership with NYCC which provides the books, DVDs, equipment, support and is our landlord. The library shares the building with Boroughbridge Community Care, another local charity who you can find out more about here.

A team of roughly 30 (at present) trained volunteers run the library on a rota basis, keeping it open for the same hours as previously. We are always looking for more volunteers in a variety of roles and, should you wish to join us, you can find out more by emailing us at volunteers@BoroughbridgeLibrary.org.uk.

All the Volunteers and Trustees run and manage the library for free but we still need funds to pay the bills! If you would like to make a donation then please email us at treasurer@BoroughbridgeLibrary.org.uk for details of how to do so.

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